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Risk oversight and risk management are high priorities on the agenda of most organisations There are business partners risks that may delay or even render the planned project unfeasible. IntegrityGRC assesses peers and verifies compliance with legal and contractual obligations through detailed analysis, and at the same time facilitates the operation of reporting.

Integrate all assessments in one place.

It is necessary to eliminate the use of redundant versions and unsupported technologies and standardise best practices for an effective risk control and data protection. The peer evaluation is done in one place through a safe and controlled platform. IntegrityGRC delivers an integrated solution that offers the convenience and flexibility that organisations demand and enables organisations to securely store and assign risk assessments, and to generate alerts about their validity.

Streamline the peers’ assessment process.

Provide reports to management.

IntegrityGRC produces highly customised and detailed analysis and allows organisations to generate reports and other materials accessible to internal and external parties and access risk exposure data by providing accurate and up-to-date information to management.

Ensure compliance in the audit process.

IntegrityGRC makes the effort of all the processes required for auditing more automated now. The platform automatically generates evidence that registers the chain of responsibility, improves the flow of the independent auditors' process and proves compliance with the requirements when organisations execute the risk program for suppliers and third parties.

Why should your organisation start managing
partners with IntegrityGRC?

Flexibility and efficiency

Reduce Cost

Increase Shareholder Value

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